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Turning Learning Struggles INTO Learning Abilities

Has the past school year left you frustrated, burned out and wondering if your struggling student made any progress? We can help! At Brain Works, we are experts at overcoming obstacles that prevent your son or daughter from achieving scholastic success. We train your child's brain and provide exam-preparation tutoring and private tutoring services throughout the Greater Salt Lake City area.

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Is Brain Works Right for Your Child?

  • Has learning required more effort than others seem to use?
  • Has learning been difficult for two years or more?
  • Has tutoring or special help been ineffective over the long term?
  • Has success been inconsistent?
  • Is performance below average or below grade level in some areas?
  • Is forgetfulness a problem?
  • Does your child suffer from ADD, ADHD or Dyslexia?
  • Are spoken instructions or lectures difficult to follow?
  • Are sports or tasks that require coordination difficult?
  • Is there a high level of frustration when learning new material?
  • When reading, are words or lines skipped?

If you answered "yes" to three or more of these questions, it is very likely that your student has mild to moderate processing problems. Contact Brain Works today at (801) 447-2678 to see if a free cognitive skills test makes sense for your student.

Brain Works Provides Answers to Questions on Why Your Child:

  • Struggles to focus
  • Reads slowly and choppily
  • Often needs instructions repeated
  • Has poor motivation
  • Doesn't complete tasks at home or school
  • Struggles to comprehend new material
  • Doesn't understand cause and effect
  • Is easily frustrated

The Brain Works Advantage:

  • Over 10 Years of Tutoring Experience
  • Free Consultation
  • Improves Your Students Thinking and Brain Functions
  • Helps Your Child Improve His/Her Attitude and Behavior
  • More Than Traditional Tutoring Because It Goes Beyond Helping Them Master a Subject
  • Resulting Change Is Permanent and Life-Altering
  • Our Team Includes Educators, Special-Education Teachers, Occupational Therapists and Child Psychologists.

Help Your Child Achieve His/Her Full Potential.
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